Top 10 Freeware for Windows – Choose Yours

Windows is known for the availability of various freeware. To know about the most trending freeware and also to find what people around the world are using, check out this list here! You can also check top lists of everything here.

Freeware For Windows

1) Orbit Downloader – the Best Download Manager

Orbit is one of the most sought out download manager. It is very light and downloads files very fast. They can be used to download various kinds of files off the internet without any problem. These downloads can be paused and resumed any number of times. It is also high in demand because it can grab videos off YouTube, MySpace, etc and it also supports rapidshare. It is very easy to use and it is completely free.

2) Dowload Accelerator Plus – Gives Awesome Download Speed

Download Accelerator Plus is also an download manager which is quite popular amongst millions of people. The demand of this freeware is because it simply doubles the speed of download when compared to the other download manager. It is also highly safe because it has an in built anti-virus which scans each file and only then allows the download to happen.

3) Photoscape- For All your Photo Editing Use

It is one of the best free photo editor out there. It has some of the best free image editing tool. The compatibility of Photoscape is also quite good as it supports RAW files and also all major image formats. It loads extremely fast works in an interface which is quite different from Adobe. It supports various languages so it is famous worldwide. For a free photo editor, it gives various options to edit images and only lacks the advanced option that is found in other paid software.

4) Format Factory – Solves All your Formatting Problems

It is one of the best option to turn to when your system is not compatible to open any file. Format Factory is used to convert the video, audio and picture formats from one to other. It can also fix broken files and also reduce the multimedia file size. Any manipulation for a file can be carried on with the help of Format Factory. They can also rip audio and video files and it supports up to 48 languages.

5) AIMP – Simple To Use Media Player

It is everything you will require in a media player. It supports 20 audio formats and 32-bit digital audio. It can also be used to convert between formats. An impressive feature of AIMP is you can record audio from radio shows. The software is easy to use and anyone can pick it up without going to the help section. The sound clarity is good but the equalizers are not great. It also has an auto shut down timer. Overall, it is one of the best media player preferred by millions.

6) SopCast – Entertain and Get Entertained

This is only of the most entertaining software out there. It has three components basically. First is where you get live video steaming, second is voice on demand (VoD) and the last is where you can have your own server and broadcast your own stuff. You can entertain millions of users from where you are. You can build you own TV station or a Radio station with just a laptop and an internet connection. You can also subscribe to various users and watch live shows.

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7) GOM Player – Media Player Preferred by Millions

It is also one of the most prominent players which can play various formats of audios and videos. It is also the favorite of millions. The previous version of GOM had many bugs which has been fixed in the recent one. The audio clarity is good and they have added an MPEG-2 source filter with increased search quality.

8) Unlocker – Must Have Utility

It is one of the essential software that you should have around in case you need it. You would have definitely come across error messages which states unable to delete because the file is open or unable to delete because the file is in use. It is a highly difficult task to find where it is being in use and then stop it to delete it. Unlocker is the best software by which you can just delete it with a click of a button. The new version of it supports to delete deep directory stuffs and also too long path error. It is very handy when needed and a must have software in every computer.

9) Movie Subtitle Searcher – Name Says it All

With people taking interest in multi cultural movies, subtitles have become very famous. With this software, you can find subtitles for any movie easily. You don’t have to follow any long process to get the subtitles, you just need to right click on the movie and select the language. Instantly, the browser will open open with a set of subtitles which can be used for the movie.

10) UMPlayer – Incorporates Everything

This by far is the best media player as it has 270 inbuilt audio and video codecs. You can also change the skin of the music player. It can easily play any format of files and also broken files. It has a lot of built in features like search for subtitles, SHOUTcast, radio player, recorder, etc which makes the users life very simple. It incorporates every need of the user into single software.