How To Pay For The Services of HostGator

If your website is hosted by HostGator, you will get the bills automatically for the web hosting on the right date after you have finished paying for the package you have chosen. You will get the bills based on how long you have signed up. If you have signed up on monthly basis, you will get the bill every month. You have to make sure that your paypal and credit card subscription is updated when it is time to pay for your bills. In case you are not able to pay for your bills at the right time, the services are going to get interrupted. If you are not having your account in HostGator, then choose the best plan by referring Hoast Gator reviews by customers.

Services of HostGator

How to manage your bills

If you want to upgrade, cancel, get the SSL certificate, IP address or update other information that are related to the billing, you should visit the addons page to learn how you can proceed. Managing your bills include updating your credit cards, view the invoices, add the credit cars and change the primary email address.

When you are ready to pay, you should never forget to use the coupons available that can help you to save. You will get always a discount when you pay using the big discount. The season’s offers take place and they have to be updated on regular basis. The example is the coupons that are available during the Black Friday and Thanksgiving. If you are using a high value coupon, you will save more if you are paying for the money for a long period.

Payment methods allowed by HostGator

While learning about the payment with HostGator, you should also be aware about the types of the payment allowed. The credit cards that are allowed are Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International and Discover Network. Other electronic cards may work or they may not work. If you want to use gifts cards or prepaid cards without your personal information they may fail to work. There are some gift card issuers and prepaid cards that let you register the cards with their website and by doing this, your card can be accepted. Also, while paying make sure to get HostGator coupon codes from their support team and use it to get their services cheaply.

If you want to pay using PayPal, you should have a verified account. Only PayPal is allowed other options such as AlertPay, WebMoney and Moneybookers are not allowed. Depending on the country, a person may use the regional payment method but it is not allowed in many countries. Maestro is a debit card which is issued in many countries but not all the Maestro cards work while paying for HostGator services. If the maestro card you have is not accepted, you can use it to pay in the PayPal and do the payment using the PayPal. You can also pay using money orders or personal checks. When the check is received, it will be applied on the account. You can still send money via the postal mail even if it is not advisable. When the cash is received, it will be indicated on your account.