The Beginner’s Guide Towards The Android Rooting Process

Every android user who is new to the process of rooting is skeptical in the beginning due to so much hype about process going wrong and turning your phone into a brick. However, there are a few and simple precautions that can be taken so that process is smoother than ever. You need to put yourself to follow these instructions so that you have a great android rooting experience.

Android Rooting Guide


You need to take time and do your own research for your smartphone model. Android rooting forums are informative, yet a point that android users need to bare in mind is that they are not official and claim no responsibility for bricking. Hence it is advisable that the user takes charge and reads plentiful about android rooting information for his smartphone model. Do not assume or presume anything in the process of rooting.

Follow instructions

Instructions might not be clear for you being a new android user, but make sure you understand completely those instructions and do not skip any step in the process. Read the entire rooting guide and the comments that follow them.

Battery charge

You need to make sure that the battery is fully charged when you begin the process of android rooting. Things may end up worse than you think if your battery is not to its full capacity. Battery life really comes to the rescue in the times that the phone is stuck in a loop and takes a while to come back to next step. If there is no battery backup, you cannot instantly restore the charge during the middle of the process.


Rooting is a time consuming process and requires more patience than you think. Set aside your phone to root and leave it on its own for as long as 60 minutes. The entire process might be much sooner, but it will be in your best interest to prepare to wait for an hour long to be safe. Take your phone as being unavailable and unusable for that duration.

Wi-FI connectivity

It will be great if you already have or if you can arrange for a Wi-Fi connection during commencement of the rooting process. The process on Wi-Fi will be much smoother since you will be required to download files as large as only 40MB. It could be also done via 2G/3G connection, but not at all recommended.

Data wipe

Data wipe is expected when the rooting process is performed. Take relevant backups and restore upon completion of rooting. Don’t get yourself into undue surprises in case you lose all the data as it is an intensive process and much expected as an outcome during rooting process.

Formatting SD card

Even the data on the SD card needs to be backed up since SD card formatting is in one of the steps while rooting commencement is done. The main problem here is that you cannot back out to perform rooting process later, hence it is wise that all the backups are performed well in advance and planned well.