Will My Video Banned If I Buy YouTube Likes?

There are many people who buy YouTube dislikes and likes for their videos to make it popular and spread their business or trade to a large extent. This is the quickest and easiest way to promoting your videos. But everything which is easier or like a shortcut has also something bad effects. Now-as-days people become more modern and they don’t have too much time to get success.

Buy YouTube Likes

They want that success is in their hands as soon as possible and for that they take some shortcuts for spreading their business like buying YouTube likes for their videos. But they don’t know that everything which is good has also some bad effects, like buying YouTube likes is necessary for your online marketing but it also harmful if it is done in a wrong way.

Everybody knows that to get viral on YouTube you have to increase your popularity by gaining likes or views to your videos. But people opt to buy YouTube likes and views to promote their business online. But they don’t aware with the bad effects of that process. If you buy some YouTube likes from a site it may banned your account for always. Because YouTube is the biggest and smartest search engine for any type of video so its priority was also high.

YouTube will judge your videos by its own filter process which is done by YouTube itself. They will analyse views and likes of your videos and gets you the ranking according to it. When you buy YouTube likes from a site may be they don’t provide the real humans to watch or like for your videos. It is just some loggers on a same server who are liking your videos by sitting in different countries which is like a “like-hacking”.

How could you buy real and safe YouTube likes?

Today there are many sites that provide these facilities at very cheaper and low cost. Also their packages were interesting and attract the public. But the people don’t know whom they deal with. Is it safe or not? They are not sure before buying these YouTube likes that these likes are real or permanent or from real humans. So, adverse effect of that was their video or account was get banned by YouTube because fake likes or views are added to their videos which is not accepted by the YouTube. YouTube will accept the only real likes to your videos which is judge by their own process. You can’t play with the smartest search engine of the world.

From where you buy real and effective YouTube likes?

From buyviewsonyoutube.com, we provide you the real and genuine likes at effective cost. Also our service will appreciate by the people because we have many years of experience and our service is always there for you 24*7. We will work according to the terms and conditions of YouTube. Hence, we provide you the best and effective likes to you.

Mehendi Design Choices for Brides

What body art is common in your country or ethnic group? It could be that you are open to new ideas from other world-wide cultures. If that is the case, you will be glad to read about Mehendi designs. Originally practiced in India, Mehendi body art has now moved to most Arabic countries of Asia. It is a form of body decoration done with henna.

Mehendi is for the beautiful ladies who are native to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh among other nations. Sometimes you will see kids having simple mehendi patterns on their arms and legs. Women do design their shoulders too, besides their feminine legs and hands.

Mehendi Design Choices for Brides

Mandatory for Brides

Mehendi motifs are must-haves for the bride. She must wear them as a sign that she wants to be very happy, prosperous and contented with her marital life. Henna is a paste used to decorate nails and hair in most parts of the world. In Asia, Women use their henna to draw beautiful and catchy motifs on their skin. This is particularly when they are about to wed.

A variety of designs exist

Red and black mehendi patterns are extremely common. However, you will find a blend of colors in between. Marwari styles, Arabic styles and simple styles abounds. It is upon the woman to pick what she thinks would suit her purpose for the item.

Intricate designs

These are commonly chosen by would-be brides. They are rather sophisticated and conspicuous. Mostly drawing inspiration from the Indian temple art, a design featuring an image of the bride on one hand and her bridegroom’s image on the other hand is much recommended. It looks not only elegant but fit for any lovely bride.

Adorn your feet

A woman’s feet should look hot and sexy to her partner. So, in addition to hand designs, she can have a number of feet Mehendi motifs drawn. If you will perform given rites that will require exposure of your feet consistently, you can choose a special mid-leg long pattern. It depicts elements like paintings taken from an ancient temple.
A similar design or a closely related one can be drawn on the arms. Another design that reaches your mid lower leg is so beautiful and perfect for a bride. It entails a combination of flowers, criss-cross outlines and enticing shading. The design is rather classic and fit for the feet.

Front and back of hands

This is indeed very common and a preference for most brides. Some designs are simple, consisting of ornate etchings. If you want a design that is purely complicated and traditional, there are many variations. How long the design is can vary. You will find that most designs cover the distance from the elbows to the tip of fingers. Others touch the arm slightly while shading the whole palm and the back of the hand.

Simple Steps To Generate Huge Web Traffic

Do you have a new product? Well, the product must speak itself in order to gain attention. In most of the situations it has been observed that sellers or businessmen try to use modern promotion tactics to promote a product or service. Remember, it is necessary to make the product really useful so it can make a great impact in the markets. The ecommerce users should not ignore the classic promotion and marketing strategies but it is important to one having extraordinary potential to boost up the Web Traffic.

Huge Web Traffic

Try long tail keywords:

No doubt, the long tail keywords are considered useful for the established and successful websites but it is recommended to check the value of these keywords for the emerging sites. The newly established websites must upload original and quality articles in order to develop web traffic or you can purchase website traffic. Using the long tail keywords directly will not give benefits. In common routine, the long tail keywords are generated with the help of Google and other search engines.

Stick around:

Don’t leave the website alone. You are required to work with it regularly. It will be better to focus on the latest trends and issues related to your activities. Websites providing sports news should update the contents and stuffs according to the changing environment. Longer stay allows the users to gain more attention. Keep producing quality contents and stuffs for your readers. This practice is very simple because you have to generate one or two articles per week.

Optimize the contents:

Optimization of articles, contents and stuffs is very essential. It is recommended to focus on the main title, Meta tags, keywords, summary and conclusion. It is very simple to optimize the stuffs online. Always consider the web requirements and demands whenever trying to optimize the articles. It will be better to use the long tail keywords as mentioned above. Find the latest trends and fashions to optimize the texts. The contents optimized according to the modern requirements gives best results.

Keep using ethical link development:

Link building has no comparison when talking about the Web Traffic generation or it has one competition where you can buy targeted web traffic. In most of the situations, the online experts recommend the link building for quick traffic production. Nowadays, it is possible to get instant traffic with the help of keyword embedded backlinks. Post these links on other blogs and websites to covert the traffic. It is also believed that link building is a traffic sharing formula.

Try Google’s keyword:

How to find the best keywords? It is really difficult to find the keywords searched by the online users. Try the modern tools to identify the most viewed keywords. Google’s Keyword is a well known opportunity for the people who are interested to learn about the perfect long tail keywords.

Gift Selection For New Year

New Year and the attached Christmas is the ideal time for gift purchase and distribution. He kids waits for this gift for the entire year and this is also the time for showing affection and love towards the elders by giving gift to them for the New Year and get blessing for the prosperity in the New Year. Giving gifts to the dear ones on this occasion strengthens the relation and giving greetings to the friends is the best gift for them in this festive time. Thus the gifts for New Year can be categorized by the relation. The kids are to be gifted separately, the elders are to be gifted different and the loved ones are to be gifted with special gifts.

New Year Gifts

Gifts for family members

The gift of the traditional dresses to the family members make them happy and pleased as well and without their blessings the New Year cannot be a prosperous one. The prosperity of the New Year depends on their blessings and what else can bring the best wishes from them, other than the best gifts for them. The dear ones in the family can also be given gifts like the soft metal jewelleries for sister or fashionable garments for brother or an electronic gadget fr them. Thus the family members can be made happy with the new gifts to the New Year. One can avail the gifts from the shops of the market or even can get them from the online stores that will cut down the time by a lot.

Gift for the kids

Kids love candy and toys and those are the best gifts for them for the Christmas or the new year purpose. The male kids’ lives the toys like the baseball bats or the remote controlled cars or the great looking guns. The female kids love the Barbie very much and the dolls or the soft toys are the best gifts for them on the occasion of Christmas or the New Year. The video games or the CDs of the computer games is another modern choice for them, which makes them very much happy and rejoicing for the festive moment.

Gift for loved ones

There are many gifts to please the loved ones. The gifts may be a valuable set of jewellery or may be great trendy garments of their likings. The gift list may also include a short family trip, which is a gift that pleases all the family members simultaneously and for the loved one especially. The trip with parties attached and shopping included makes the rejoice of the family and the dear ones intact. The dinner party arrangement at some dream restaurant or a smart valentine gift to the loved ones also make them pleased and his or her love towards his or her partner increases greatly.

Greeting to friends

Greetings to friends via greetings card or via postal letters are a smart gift for them. However the greetings sending style, now a day, has changed to the eversion. The greetings can be sent now via email or via the social networks also. The social networks allow rate e-pasting of greeting cards by the HTML code and thus sending a card for New Year is surely a great choice.

A Short Trip During Christmas Time – The Ideal Way To Celebrate

Christmas is the time when all the schools, colleges, offices and all the major show cases enjoys holidays and thus is the time when the full family gets reunited on a relaxed mood or the full friend cycle gets in touch and gets back in the rhythm with the same relaxation as that of the college life. Thus the Christmas time is the best time to make or arrange a short trip at different parts of the world.

The snowy weather in the upper parts of the Europe and the North America makes the trip there an impossible one. Most of the routes are stopped due to the accumulation of snow or the routes are enveloped with a deep snow and so the passage is often closed. A sudden heavy snowfall stops the trip and thus may cut down the enjoyment and so the arrangement off the trip to the Asian countries or the African countries or even the Latin American nations is a great choice for the winter. A trip to Australia in the southern hemisphere during the winter season of the north hemisphere is again not a bad ideal.

Trip During Christmas

Asia trip

A trip to the Asian countries during the Christmas time is the ideal location for that phase of the season. The nations that can be visited at that time includes the largest peninsula of the world, the India, the Saudi Arabia, the Singapore and Malaysia and also the other Indonesian Countries like the Java, Sumatra. All those countries enjoy a perfect weather for the trip during the Christmas time and the countries are added with great cheap hotels and restaurants. The lands are with immense natural beauty and they are thus the paradise for the tourists.

A Trip to Africa

Africa is the land for the adventure loving people and for them the land is a paradise. The seasonal weather of Africa is the equatorial type and thus is extensively hot, but the weather during this part of the season is very much energetic and healthy for the tourists to visit the Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt and the South Africa also. The African trip is full of the forest adventure and the great beauty of one of the ancient most culture of the world in the Egypt.

A Trip to Latin America

Another group of nations that enjoys great weather during the Christmas time is Latin American Countries. The land is again a great adventurous one with the great forests of the Amazon and the lovely cities of the Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The best thing about the continent is the sporting culture that prevails in the nations there through out the year. The poverty when matches with this sporting attitude create a completely different taste.

Australia Trip

The trip to Australia is also a smart choice for the trip during the Christmas time. The weather condition that prevails there in Australia during the Christmas is neither hot nor cold and thus is the perfect condition for the tourists to have a visit to the oldest cities of the world like the Melbourne or Sydney or even the native land of New Zealand also.

Buying Online Gift For Diwali

Buying the Diwali gift online is the perfect method of buying a gift this days. The different gifts are available there and are of different varieties and different price rates. Thus the choice of gifts can easily be made there and also the gifts can be sent directly to the address of the person whom the gift is to be made.

There are many gifts that makes the list of Diwali and the matter is that all the gifts are available in the online stores and that also at a cheaper rate and with fast delivery services. The variety of the gifts available online for the purpose of Diwali may be listed as below.

Online Gifts Diwali

Toys and Cards

The online store is a vast storage of toys and greetings card. The greetings card are the perfect gift fo0r the distant friends, who maintains a good relation and also for the ex-colleagues with whom good times was shared at some time.

The toys are the best gift for the young ones and a sudden toy gift reaching the home for the purpose of Diwali is definitely going to make them happy. They can be chosen from a number of varieties in the online store and can be sent directly to the address whom the gift is to be delivered after an online payment.

Jewelries and Garments

Getting jewelries for the purpose of Dhanteras is an essential one and also those jewelries of general metals with fashion trend can be sent to the dear ones as gift for Diwali purpose. The online stores of the eCommerce websites are a big store of the jewelries and the choice can be made easily by surfing for a short while.

Getting garments for the family members from the online store is again a smart decision. The stocks of them are such huge that many big shops won’t have that much stock and variety of garments. The stock really expands when the gift is about the fashion trendy garments for both male and female. If you would like to get more information about the types of Jewelries and garments which you can gift on Diwali, visit happydiwali blog.

Bags and Shoes

The bags are another different kind of gift for the Diwali. The bags are something which are very useful and the internet online stores usually has a vast quality and variety in their stock to choose the right one. The shoes there in the online eCommerce websites are fashion trendy and are of cheap rate also. The shoes are available there of different good brands and thus can be easily purchased and sent to the specific address after the payment is made.

Electronic Gadgets and the Music Store

Online stores are a huge gallery of the music CDs and the movie CDs and DVDs. They can be easily collected from the online store and can easily be sent to the specific address. they not only contains the new releases, but also the vintage movies or songs.

There may be a friend or relative who is searching for the song or the album or movie, who can be sent this gift directly from the online store. The purchases of electronic gadgets are also a good choice and sending them as Diwali gifts is also a very innovative choice among the Diwali gifts.

Top 10 Freeware for Windows – Choose Yours

Windows is known for the availability of various freeware. To know about the most trending freeware and also to find what people around the world are using, check out this list here! You can also check top lists of everything here.

Freeware For Windows

1) Orbit Downloader – the Best Download Manager

Orbit is one of the most sought out download manager. It is very light and downloads files very fast. They can be used to download various kinds of files off the internet without any problem. These downloads can be paused and resumed any number of times. It is also high in demand because it can grab videos off YouTube, MySpace, etc and it also supports rapidshare. It is very easy to use and it is completely free.

2) Dowload Accelerator Plus – Gives Awesome Download Speed

Download Accelerator Plus is also an download manager which is quite popular amongst millions of people. The demand of this freeware is because it simply doubles the speed of download when compared to the other download manager. It is also highly safe because it has an in built anti-virus which scans each file and only then allows the download to happen.

3) Photoscape- For All your Photo Editing Use

It is one of the best free photo editor out there. It has some of the best free image editing tool. The compatibility of Photoscape is also quite good as it supports RAW files and also all major image formats. It loads extremely fast works in an interface which is quite different from Adobe. It supports various languages so it is famous worldwide. For a free photo editor, it gives various options to edit images and only lacks the advanced option that is found in other paid software.

4) Format Factory – Solves All your Formatting Problems

It is one of the best option to turn to when your system is not compatible to open any file. Format Factory is used to convert the video, audio and picture formats from one to other. It can also fix broken files and also reduce the multimedia file size. Any manipulation for a file can be carried on with the help of Format Factory. They can also rip audio and video files and it supports up to 48 languages.

5) AIMP – Simple To Use Media Player

It is everything you will require in a media player. It supports 20 audio formats and 32-bit digital audio. It can also be used to convert between formats. An impressive feature of AIMP is you can record audio from radio shows. The software is easy to use and anyone can pick it up without going to the help section. The sound clarity is good but the equalizers are not great. It also has an auto shut down timer. Overall, it is one of the best media player preferred by millions.

6) SopCast – Entertain and Get Entertained

This is only of the most entertaining software out there. It has three components basically. First is where you get live video steaming, second is voice on demand (VoD) and the last is where you can have your own server and broadcast your own stuff. You can entertain millions of users from where you are. You can build you own TV station or a Radio station with just a laptop and an internet connection. You can also subscribe to various users and watch live shows.

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7) GOM Player – Media Player Preferred by Millions

It is also one of the most prominent players which can play various formats of audios and videos. It is also the favorite of millions. The previous version of GOM had many bugs which has been fixed in the recent one. The audio clarity is good and they have added an MPEG-2 source filter with increased search quality.

8) Unlocker – Must Have Utility

It is one of the essential software that you should have around in case you need it. You would have definitely come across error messages which states unable to delete because the file is open or unable to delete because the file is in use. It is a highly difficult task to find where it is being in use and then stop it to delete it. Unlocker is the best software by which you can just delete it with a click of a button. The new version of it supports to delete deep directory stuffs and also too long path error. It is very handy when needed and a must have software in every computer.

9) Movie Subtitle Searcher – Name Says it All

With people taking interest in multi cultural movies, subtitles have become very famous. With this software, you can find subtitles for any movie easily. You don’t have to follow any long process to get the subtitles, you just need to right click on the movie and select the language. Instantly, the browser will open open with a set of subtitles which can be used for the movie.

10) UMPlayer – Incorporates Everything

This by far is the best media player as it has 270 inbuilt audio and video codecs. You can also change the skin of the music player. It can easily play any format of files and also broken files. It has a lot of built in features like search for subtitles, SHOUTcast, radio player, recorder, etc which makes the users life very simple. It incorporates every need of the user into single software.

LinkedIn Marketing Providing Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn has enough options for marketers who want to build a successful career and achieve success in the field of business. It is one of those platforms which help you in building your presence and establishing relations with almost every professional who are out there on this platform. People who make their presence felt in LinkedIn are considered to be highly professional thus the comments and discussions that take place on this platform are highly professional too.

In here you will know the ways of reaching out to the quality audiences and people who matters the most in your business. Buying LinkedIn followers is a good way of initiating your profile. LinkedIn marketing teaches that you don’t have to invest billions to create a wonderful ad campaign instead you can just invest a few bucks and get your marketing strategy right on track.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The main objective that you have to follow in your marketing strategy through LinkedIn is that the marketing you are doing of your product is not about you, but it is about what you are serving to the people and what good it will do with their life. Therefore, your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be formed that way only.

Brand value and imaging

When you are projecting your services or the product then it is important that you communicate strongly its unique point. Value proposition or unique selling proposition, are the other names that the management gurus love to use. When you are marketing yourself it is important that you make it quite clear about what your potentials are, who you are and who you aren’t. It is important for the end users to know what to expect out of you and what not to.

When the ambiguity is cleared out, then the success of your marketing can be gauged properly. While planning any marketing strategy it is always important that you chalk out long term success plan other than thinking about short term plans only. In case you are running out of ideas, then you can watch some big brands and how they project themselves amongst their target groups. It will definitely help you out to understand where you are going wrong.

Moreover, you will be a failure if you approach any marketing strategy for getting the maximum number of likes or targeting the twitter feeds or a tactic instead what they do is look at it as very big opportunity or strategic opportunity to engage their target group in an exciting and brand new way that will fetch them exciting results. Your marketing strategy should be such where you can directly speak to a large number of customers and try to embrace in their mindset and make it your own. So it is best to buy subscribers or followers.

You can also make use of various posts of the influencers that are posted on LinkedIn itself if you are not sure about how to achieve success in your marketing strategy or how you must target you audience to get the maximum response.

The Beginner’s Guide Towards The Android Rooting Process

Every android user who is new to the process of rooting is skeptical in the beginning due to so much hype about process going wrong and turning your phone into a brick. However, there are a few and simple precautions that can be taken so that process is smoother than ever. You need to put yourself to follow these instructions so that you have a great android rooting experience.

Android Rooting Guide


You need to take time and do your own research for your smartphone model. Android rooting forums are informative, yet a point that android users need to bare in mind is that they are not official and claim no responsibility for bricking. Hence it is advisable that the user takes charge and reads plentiful about android rooting information for his smartphone model. Do not assume or presume anything in the process of rooting.

Follow instructions

Instructions might not be clear for you being a new android user, but make sure you understand completely those instructions and do not skip any step in the process. Read the entire rooting guide and the comments that follow them.

Battery charge

You need to make sure that the battery is fully charged when you begin the process of android rooting. Things may end up worse than you think if your battery is not to its full capacity. Battery life really comes to the rescue in the times that the phone is stuck in a loop and takes a while to come back to next step. If there is no battery backup, you cannot instantly restore the charge during the middle of the process.


Rooting is a time consuming process and requires more patience than you think. Set aside your phone to root and leave it on its own for as long as 60 minutes. The entire process might be much sooner, but it will be in your best interest to prepare to wait for an hour long to be safe. Take your phone as being unavailable and unusable for that duration.

Wi-FI connectivity

It will be great if you already have or if you can arrange for a Wi-Fi connection during commencement of the rooting process. The process on Wi-Fi will be much smoother since you will be required to download files as large as only 40MB. It could be also done via 2G/3G connection, but not at all recommended.

Data wipe

Data wipe is expected when the rooting process is performed. Take relevant backups and restore upon completion of rooting. Don’t get yourself into undue surprises in case you lose all the data as it is an intensive process and much expected as an outcome during rooting process.

Formatting SD card

Even the data on the SD card needs to be backed up since SD card formatting is in one of the steps while rooting commencement is done. The main problem here is that you cannot back out to perform rooting process later, hence it is wise that all the backups are performed well in advance and planned well.

Vimeo Going For The Kill With Niche Audience

It is being said that what Vimeo can do for your business with its niche audience even YouTube will not be able to do that. So, for Vimeo marketing quality matters over quantity, therefore if you are starting up a new business and want your existence to be known to people over the internet then you can definitely try out Vimeo over YouTube.

Though it is not as big as YouTube yet, but it is slowly but steadily, reaching there and with today’s smart customers at tow Vimeo is surely going to achieve the feat very quickly. The number might not be huge, but it is not that small either as Vimeo is said to be sitting pretty with 60 million visitors each month. If someone is fond of numbers, then it might not impress him, but if you dig in deep you will notice that these million visitors are all genuine and your business is taking the right path in here.

Vimeo Niche Marketing

Vimeo is still in its growing period

It is still developing so people who are bored by the irrelevance of YouTube can surely tune in to Vimeo marketing and get their business noticed. Vimeo has a clean and aesthetic appeal in its interface, making the user experience completely different from that of YouTube. Vimeo will provide you with organized videos and when you are searching something it will come with exact video information making your search easy and convenient.

It has an artistic touch to its portfolio so creative mind will find them at home with Vimeo. YouTube is one place where anything and everything gets uploaded and when you are searching for something you will get irrelevant information too. It is not organized at all and the interface of YouTube is just too clumsy. You are not bind by any limits so you can upload video of any length and if you are looking for video quality then Vimeo will win hands down any given day and it is also a easy one to buy likes for your video in Vimeo.

Relevance is the keyword

If you buy real vimeo views then you will know that it emphasizes more on good film-making and videos that will inspire you to excel. Quality is important and with a niche audience, it will give you such a platform which you cannot even imagine. If you are thinking of YouTube then you must keep one thing in mind and that it is YouTube is already cluttered, so it would be almost impossible to make people hear your voice in that noise.

So people who are concentrating on B2B business Vimeo is the right platform and this will only increase with every passing day. Here the video is paid importance and not the brand Vimeo so the content is highlighted with great quality support. YouTube has been serving people for many years now, but it comes with annoying ads. Sometimes there are ads which you cannot skip so you have to go through the ad before you get to original video.

If you are looking to highlight the content of your video then Vimeo is the only place you must visit and as this is not an embedded video player therefore it provides you greater advantage in promoting your business.