7 Proven Tips To Extend laptop Lifespan

Laptops are portable and compact computers. It’s compact weight and design makes them portable computers. Nowadays many laptops are arriving on the market, and it can replace the old laptops. If you have maintained your laptop properly, then you don’t need to buy a new one. The Dell laptop service center in Chennai who provides the best laptop service to your device at an affordable price. They will provide the best laptop service solution and makes your device works last longer.

7 Proven Tips To Extend laptop Lifespan

1. Treat Your Laptop With Care:

Always try to handle your laptop carefully because it is a delicate component. If unexpectedly your laptop was broken, then keyboard, power supplies will be damaged, and you have to replace it. It is complicated to be replaced when your hard disk will be broken.

2. Clean Your Laptop Regularly:

Cleaning your laptop will ensure the best performance and increase your device lifespan. Use the soft brush to remove the accumulated dust particles on the keyboard. If you want to buy the laptop, then you may contact laptop service center in Chennai to purchase the best laptop in the market.

3. Limit Your Connection:

If you are not actively using your laptop’s Bluetooth, WWLAN, Wi-Fi and radio via a hard switch. It does not run the battery when searching for a signal so always use USB cable whenever using mobile.

4. Make a Power Plan:

Power plans in a laptop will increase a battery life. Windows has few preset programs, and also you have to customize your OS power management. Turning off the display, hibernate mode or sleep mode of the laptop not in use will also help for long lasting battery.

5. Keep it Cool:

Using laptop on blankets or lap will make your laptop overheating. It may also cause damage to motherboard failure. The laptop service in Chennai prefers cooling pad or lap desk to avoid overheat.

6. Track it down:

Thousands or Hundreds of laptops were stolen in a year. So our advice is to install the tracking software on your laptops such as Cyber Angel Security or TheLaptopLock. Once it connected to the web, the laptop shows the current location which gives a chance to recover your system.

7. Preserve The Operating System Snippy:

The Laptop can be easily accumulated with dust and dirt particles. The Laptop fan will get congested if dust enters inside of your laptop and it will cause overheating problems. Keeping the hardware components as neat and cool will increase the lifespan of your laptop. Also, try to keep update your operating system into new version to speed up your device.