Let’s Get Down To Business – Instagram Marketing

A lot of people these days like to keep their friends and acquaintances updated with what’s going on in their life.  This is mostly done through pictures.

Pictures have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives now. Even businessmen keep updating pictures of the conferences or the meetings they’ve attended or been to.

What better way to upload pictures than by using Instagram. Instagram is not just used by youngsters but people of all ages alike.

Use Instagram For Business


Using Instagram for business purposes is fairly easy. You’ll get used to using it once you get the hang of it. Instagram allows you to explore a new market for your brand. It also lets you know HOW TO BUY FOLLOWERS who will help expand your brand and explore other potential markets out there.

Many businesses are turning to Instagram for marketing their brands. In response to the number of businesses showing up , Instagram started the ‘Instagram for business’ blog which offers tips and examples on how to expand your business using Insta and it also offers tips on How to buy Instagram followers. It also gives you news from the Instagram headquarters.


The first step  is to create an Instagram account , giving details of your brand venture and also giving the link to your website or Facebook id,  so that potential customers know where to contact you apart from Instagram.

Don’t upload just boring work images  . People like to see a variety.  So balance and maintain boring images along with fun images. Use a myriad of colors in your images or illustrative videos. The colors generate interest and curiosity in knowing what the brand is about.
Keep a tab of the number of likes each picture gets and depending on that you can make out what people like to see or what they prefer.

Always use relevant and proper hashtags. They are very important in getting followers.. Follow back your followers. This shows that you are interested in knowing about them , their likes and preferences. And it’s a good way to fetch followers.

Don’t keep posting too often i.e. don’t post on a regular basis.  That way you will be crowding your followers home feed. Post only when you are ready and not just for the heck of it.

Find hashtags which are trending and relevant to go with your brand to reach out to people.
Want to know how your brand is doing on Instagram?  Then use Curalate– the image analytical tool which lets you know how popular your brand is on Instagram . It keeps a track of the likes and comments pouring in and the brand can then capitalize on its popularity by using this tool.

Instagram is a fun way to market your brand and connect with your customers.  It also lets you explore the other business options and potential markets and capitalize on them. Create an Instagram account and get started.